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"Let's do something fun
and open a winery!"

Craig grew up surrounded by vines in Napa Valley, where wine was always a part of his life. However, it was only when he met Julie that the idea of opening a winery was born.

Beverly, Craig's mom, encouraged the couple, repeatedly saying, "Open a winery! This sparked the idea in their minds. While Julie went back to school to learn all about crafting wine beautifully, Craig worked tirelessly on building the tasting room and cellar.

In 2014, Julietta Winery came to fruition. Sadly, Beverly passed away a year before its opening. In her honor, Julie created a red blend called Beverly's Inspiration.

For a decade, Julietta Winery has been a celebration of love, family, and gathering with cherished people. We're incredibly grateful that you're a part of our journey!

Meet Craig & JuLie, Julietta owners!


Love is

Step into the magic of our hidden gem in Clarksburg, California. Imagine your romantic wedding surrounded by vines and a peaceful pond, set against the backdrop of our charming barn along the canal. Picture saying "I do" in a place where love and nature come together effortlessly. Our venue offers a friendly, rustic vibe that transforms your special day into a fairy tale. Let's create unforgettable memories amidst the beauty of the vineyard and the warmth of our welcoming barn. Your dream wedding, filled with simplicity, charm, and love, begins right here.

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